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Control Center Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Corporate network protection—centrally managed from anywhere in the world and from any Internet-connected computer or device, including mobile devices


Low-cost administration

Control Center maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum thanks to simple administration routines and the Web-administrator’s ability to provide an at-a-glance view of the entire corporate anti-virus network from anywhere in the world.

The versatile Web-administrator, combined with the solution’s seamless integration with Windows NAP and the option to create custom event handlers in any script language, reduces the workload of system administrators by freeing them of daily anti-virus routines.

Exceptional scalability

Equally reliable in networks of any scale and structural complexity, from small workgroup networks to distributed intranets with tens of thousands of hosts, the Control Center offers exceptional scalability. Such scalability is assured due to the hierarchical organisation of the Control Center’s anti-virus server interactions, the separate SQL server used for data storage, and the complex communication system that exists between the servers and the protected workstations.

The result is a single anti-virus network of interconnected workstations, making it possible to collect network-wide information on one server. The hierarchical organisation makes the Control Center the perfect choice for multi-branch companies whose networks are not connected to the Internet.

Wide range of supported network protocols

The Control Center simultaneously supports several network protocols for data exchanges between the anti-virus server and the protected computers, allowing the solution to be used in diverse network environments. Encryption ensures secure data transfers between system components, which is why an anti-virus network can be administered from any place on the globe via the Internet.

Local network traffic economy

Compared with competitive solutions from other developers, the Control Center guarantees minimal network traffic. A special data transfer protocol for TCP/IP and NetBIOS networks provides data traffic compression in TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, or NetBIOS networks.

Transparent operation

The operation of a Dr.Web anti-virus network is completely transparent. An administration audit log records all installation and configuration activities. All components can record their activities in separate log files with customised verbosity, and all file operations performed by the anti-virus software are reflected in the statistics. A notification system informs administrators of problems in the network. Such notifications can be displayed by the Web-administrator or sent via email.


  • customisable threat notification texts;
  • notifications sent to the administrator on security problems in the anti-virus network;
  • notifications on virus attacks, scan results, and file deletions—via email or the Web-administrator;
  • the option to view reports in the Web-administrator or export information into CSV, HTML, XML or PDF formats;
  • customisable logging verbosity;
  • retrieval of information about:
    • virus activities, with the viruses detected arranged by group;
    • detected client vulnerabilities;
    • scanning errors;
    • anti-virus components running on protected PCs;
    • abnormal behaviour of protected machines.


Arguments for CEO | Arguments for CIO

  • Centralised protection for all hosts, devices and services on the network:
    Protected objects New version 12
    Terminal server clients
    Embedded system clients
    File servers and application servers (including terminal servers) Windows
    Novell NetWare
    macOS Server
    E-mail and SMTP-gateways Unix
    MS Exchange
    Internet gateways Unix
    Mobile devices Android
  • support of Windows and Unix server platform, simple installation procedure and reliable protection providing minimal TCO compared with competitive solutions;
  • centralized protection of all network hosts: workstations, mail and file servers as well as application servers including terminal servers;
  • support of 32- and 64-bit operating systems;
  • installation of agent software in an infected system with a high probability for successful curing;
  • minimal consumption of system resources achieved through implementation of a small-sized engine featuring latest technologies;
  • highly efficient detection of threats including unknown viruses;
  • administration of the entire network protection infrastructure from one computer (over the administration web-interface) from any location even outside the corporate network;
  • implementation of individual security policies for groups of employees at the company;
  • several administrators can manage different groups separately making Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite a good choice for companies with high security requirements as well as for multi-branch organizations;
  • configurable security policies for any type of users including mobile users and for any workstation even if it is currently unavailable ensure up-to-date protection at any time;
  • protection of the solution's settings against modification by users;
  • protection of networks that are not connected to the internet;
  • several installation methods – active directory policies, launch scripts and the built-in remote installation procedure. installation can still be performed even if the host is unreachable for a Dr.Web enterprise suite server;
  • support of a wide range of DBMSs; Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or any other DBMS that supports SQL-92 over ODBC can be used as an external database;
  • support of custom event handlers written by the user in any script language providing direct access to internal interfaces of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite;
  • updates rollback – even if updating causes an error, the host won't remain unprotected;
  • Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is an open solution allowing a system administrator to use it to install and synchronize products from other developers thus lowing information security system deployment costs;
  • easy-to-understand protection control system and unsurpassed usability and efficiency of network stations search;
  • customizable list of components of products to be updated and version upgrade control enable an administrator to distribute only updates that are necessary and have been tested in the network;
  • block access to removable data-storage devices, local network folders and the Internet — protection against accidental or deliberate harmful actions.
  • The light agent mode for virtual environments optimises anti-virus routines for virtual machines running on one physical server by delegating certain anti-virus tasks to a special VM service. Thanks to the ability to scan files from multiple VMs with a single scanning service, the host’s overall workload is reduced, allowing for more efficient use of its system resources. This, in turn, helps avoid additional hardware-upgrading and infrastructure-maintenance costs.

System requirements

Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.


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