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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite A comprehensive end-point security solution for protecting all corporate network nodes

Meets the demands of companies and organizations of any size Low CPU and memory usage Can be integrated with SIEM solutions Administration from a single Control Center Flexible licensing options Powered by machine-learning technologies Protection for virtual machines


To protect your corporate infrastructure, you can also take advantage of a monthly business subscription to Anti-virus Dr.Web Premium. Pay only for what you use , suspend subscriptions when employees go on holiday, extend the usage period and add additional items requiring protection—at any time.

  • Dr.Web Web-Administrator

    Manage the operation of all services from any computer and respond quickly to security incidents

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  • Dr.Web Mobile Control Center for iOS/Android

    Monitor your network’s anti-virus security from a mobile device when the Web-administrator is not available

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  • Anti-virus server

    Administer your entire anti-virus network remotely from a single location: deploy and update the anti-virus software, monitor anti-virus security on all protected nodes, receive notifications about security incidents, and collect statistics.

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  • Anti-virus agents

    Anti-virus agents are installed on protected PCs, servers, and mobile devices, and, if necessary, on the machine running the anti-virus server.

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  • Control Center

    Corporate network protection—centrally managed from anywhere in the world and from any Internet-connected computer or device, including mobile devices

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  • Additional information

Self-support services

  • Configuring Dr.Web ESS

    Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite configuration guidelines

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  • User Guide

    Product documentation

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  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions arranged by topic

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  • Product videos

    Product description videos

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