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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Dr.Web Mail Security Suite (for Microsoft Exchange Server) Dr.Web Mail Security Suite for MS Exchange

A highly intelligent anti-virus and anti-spam protection system for large volumes of email traffic

  • Certified by FSTEC of Russia
  • Included in the Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases
  • Meets high security standards by deploying anti-virus protection for Personal Data Information Systems (PDIS) up to the class I level of security, for Geographic Information System (GIS) up to the class I level of security, for data-processing systems containing state secrets, and for Critical Information Infrastructure organisations up to the highest category.

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  • Compliance with the highest security standards – the product is certified by the FSB and the Federal Service for Technological and Export Control, and has FSTEC Russia and FSB Russia certificates of compliance.
  • A wide range of installation and configuration options are available, meeting the requirements of almost any company.
  • High-speed scanning combined with low consumption of system resources allows Dr.Web to run smoothly on any server hardware.
  • The built-in anti-spam requires no training, lowers the server workload, and improves employee productivity.
  • Filtering based on blacklists and whitelists allows specified addresses to be excluded from scanning and efficiency to be increased.
  • File filtering according to file type, resulting in less traffic.
  • Grouping allows different filtering parameters to be specified for different groups of employees, which contributes to faster deployment and easier maintenance.
  • The browser-based administrator web console makes it easy for users to configure the anti-virus.
  • High operational performance and stability are achieved with multi-threaded scanning.
  • Detection and neutralisation of unknown packers and viruses.
  • Automatic launch on system startup.
  • Easy-to-use updating system with the help of Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Technical support in English.


The Control Center is provided free of charge.

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  • On-the-fly anti-virus and anti-spam scan of e-mails, including attached files
  • Anti-virus monitoring of user mailboxes and public directories
  • Anti-virus protection of mail traffic passing through the MS Exchange server
  • Curing of infected files
  • Grouping users by means of Active Directory
  • Adjustable scanning parameters: the maximum size and types of objects to be scanned objects, actions to be performed with infected objects
  • Detection of malicious objects compressed with multiple packers
  • Customizable actions performed with different types of spam, including moving messages to the quarantine or adding a specified prefix into their subject fields
  • Customizable wording inserted in outgoing e-mails
  • Isolation of infected and suspicious files in the quarantine
  • Sending notifications on virus incidents to administrators and other users
  • Operation logging
  • Automatic updates

Efficient filtering of unsolicited emails

Dr.Web anti-spam is delivered as part of a single solution (not as a separate product) and is installed with a virus-filtering product on the same server. This simplifies administration and ensures that overall costs are lower than they would be if buying our competitors' solutions.

  • Requires no training. Starts protecting as soon as it is installed.
  • Successfully identifies spam messages in any language.
  • Actions can be customised for different categories of spam.
  • Record-low number of false positives.
  • Uses its own blacklists and whitelists. This makes it impossible for anyone to discredit companies by deliberately adding them to lists of unwanted addresses.

Anti-spam technologies

Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.

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The Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-viruses
Doctor Web has been developing anti-virus software since 1992
Dr.Web is trusted by users around the world in 200+ countries
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Doctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992.

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