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Anti-virus agents

Anti-virus agents are installed on protected computers, servers, and mobile devices, and, if necessary, on the machine running the anti-virus server. Agents send virus event reports and other relevant information to the anti-virus server.

Efficient protection
The anti-virus agents incorporate the same efficiency Doctor Web products and solutions do. In particular, the agent for Windows protection incorporates components that are present in the solution that protects workstations — the scanner, SpIDer Guard, SpIDer Mail, Firewall, SpIDer Gate, SelfPROtect and Office Control. It also incorporates additional components like Dr.Web Enterprise Scanner which lets administrators remotely scan network computers in the "quiet" mode, a mode in which there is no visible loss in performance on scanned machines.
Mobile mode
Thanks to the "mobile" mode, laptops and handhelds working for a long time without being connected to the anti-virus network will also be protected. When going on a business trip, an employee's laptop will not remain without anti-virus protection and will continue to receive updates.

Using the agents, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite can manage the protection of the following objects: