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DWCERT-002-ess10 "Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite version 10"

After mastering this course, a specialist will be able to deploy and steer more confidently through the Suite’s features.

DWCERT-070-3 "Enterprise anti-virus protection solutions"

This course describes what modern anti-virus protection systems must be capable of and the typical mistakes that companies make in practice when deploying an anti-virus protection system. A special section of the course is devoted to rules of conduct in the event of a virus-related computer incident (VCIs).


Anti-virus protection system

Anti-virus protection system

This brochure describes the main paths through which corporate networks get infected and what needs to be done to implement an anti-virus protection system for a local network.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

This brochure about Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite corporate products includes licensing information and a description of features.

Dr.Web Anti-virus service for business

Dr.Web Anti-virus service for business

A subscription to the Dr.Web Anti-virus service will help your company provide its computer systems with anti-virus protection and enforce its security policies—at minimum cost and only to the extent you need.


Legal section

How can you make sure you act appropriately when a virus-related computer incident occurs? What actions should you take if a trojan encrypts your files or steals your money from an online banking system? Find out in the Legal section .

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Doctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992.

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