Make profit with us!

Dr.Web for Android generates additional income for manufacturers and resellers of Android handhelds.

The open source nature of Android and its popularity encourage criminals to produce a large number of malicious programs for this operating system.

Even if malware does not know how to exploit vulnerabilities to get onto a device, users are always willing to assist it. Intruders employ social engineering to coax users into installing malware, opening an infected file or visiting a bogus site.

For example, the malware Android.plankton, which collects and transmits information about infected devices to criminals , had been downloaded 150,000 times by users from Google Play before it was removed from the portal by its administration.

We invite manufacturers and resellers of Android devices

to protect the handhelds with Dr.Web anti-virus for Android, which is trusted by dozens of millions of users all over the world. Protect your merchandise and profit from renewal of Dr.Web licenses.

Over 120 million installations—just from Google Play!

Install the Dr.Web for Android trial version on your handhelds or distribute trial licenses via your points of sale and get a commission when your clients renew the licenses.

Doctor Web partnership advantages

Dr.Web for Android is preinstalled on Lexibook tablets

Dr.Web for Android comes preinstalled on TurboPad 1014 tablets,

which can be purchased in DNS retail stores and in ОНЛАЙН ТРЕЙД.РУ stores.

Business Bureau tablets are protected
with Dr.Web for Android

You can purchase the tablet in the Business Bureau online store, as well as in the digital technology and appliance retail chain DNS, the online store and in ТехноПоинт retail stores.

Dr.Web for Android is installed on in-car LEXAND tablets

Tablets for cars that have Dr.Web preinstalled on them are available online at, in Lexand retail stores, and elsewhere.