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Dr.Web for Android's Parental Control

A single Dr.Web program — all the components needed to protect a child's Android device

This feature is not available in Dr.Web for Android Light.

The Call and SMS Filter is not available in the version on Google Play. Find out more>>

Download the full version only from Doctor Web's site.

Dr.Web for Android's Parental Control

Everything you need to protect your child's device.

  • No access to unwanted sites
    Access to sites that can cause psychological and moral harm to children can be blocked according to a Blacklist of specified sites, webpages or thematic groups of sites (gambling, social media, etc.). No one except parents will be able to change the URL filter’s whitelists and blacklists.

  • No access to unwanted applications
    Dr.Web will prevent your children from accessing applications that, in your opinion, they don’t need and won't let them launch those applications. And adding popular markets to the blacklist won't let them buy or download a free malicious application.

  • No calls and SMS messages from strangers
    Dr.Web won't allow your children to add unwanted numbers to the Call and SMS Filter. For example, you can allow incoming calls and SMS messages only from specified numbers or numbers on your contact list. Thus, your child will only be able to reach those whom you know.

  • No tampering with the settings by children
    Dr.Web won't allow your children to change the restrictive settings you establish for the Dr.Web protection components because Dr.Web Parental Control settings are protected with an account password. The device administrator (i.e., a parent) sets the password.

Do you want to get information about where your child is?

Enable and configure the device location option in Dr.Web Anti-theft

Configure restrictions once and be confident in Dr.Web's protection.

Configure Dr.Web Parental Control | Video tutorials | FAQs

Dr.Web Parental Control Windows | macOS | Linux

Dr.Web Parental Control features

Operating systems Windows Android macOS Linux
Ability to customise restrictions for individual device users + - - -
Protection against device usage
Limits device usage time ("Interval Time Limit" (30-minute minimum), limits usage during a specified period) + - - -
Blocks access to a PC at night + - - -
Blocks any adjustments from being made to the system time and time zone + - - -
Protects users from visiting unwanted sites
Secure search using search engines + +** - -
Scanning via the Dr.Web Cloud service + - + +
Restricts access according to categories + + + +
Restricts access to sites that infringe upon copyright-holder rights + - - -
Blacklists and whitelists of websites + + + +
Protection from unwanted applications
Blocks the launch of applications By name Blocks access to an application - -
Blocks the installation of applications - From known application stores - -
Document protection
Blocks access to individual files and directories + - - -
The access mode parameter (deny access or grant access in the read-only mode + - - -
Protection from unwanted calls and SMS messages
Blacklists and whitelists of numbers - + - -
Blacklists of key words - + - -
Blocks calls and SMS messages according to a mask - + - -
Blocks all SMS messages - + - -
Protects from advertising messages - + - -
Blocks phishing links from SMS messages - in the URL filter - -
Protects settings against unauthorised tampering
Password-protected + For the Anti-theft and Parental Control - -
Determines the device location - in the Anti-theft - -

* in Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo and Rambler


The SMS functionality is only available in the Dr.Web for Android version installed from Doctor Web’s site. Find out more