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URL Filter

Restricts access to unwanted Internet sites.

This feature is not available in the Dr.Web for Android Light license.

  • Controls the ability of users to access Internet sites via the native Android browser, as well as via Google Chrome, Google Chrome Beta, Firefox, Opera, Opera mini, Next, Amazon Silk, Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Browser Lite, Boat Browser and Boat Browser Mini, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser, Sputnik and UME browser, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Controls access to unwanted and potentially dangerous sites divided into several groups.
  • Blacklists and whitelists of resources to which you can allow or block access regardless of other URL filter settings.
  • This is particularly useful if the device is used by a child who is not yet aware of Internet dangers.
  • Access to the URL-filter settings can be password-protected. The device administrator sets the password when configuring the anti-virus account.

Don’t have a Dr.Web license yet? This can easily be fixed!

The following licenses include Android protection.

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