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Dr.Web for Android’s Call and SMS Filter

Bars unwanted calls, short messages, and emails.

The Call and SMS Filter can also be used on devices that have 2 SIM cards. The Call and SMS Filter cannot be used on tablet PCs without a SIM card.

This feature is not available in the Dr.Web for Android Light license.

Built-in filtering profiles:

  • Allow all incoming calls and SMS.
  • Block all.
  • Phone book — in this mode, calls and SMS are allowed only from numbers in the device’s phone book.
  • Blacklist — phone calls and (or) SMS from the numbers on this list are blocked.

Create an unlimited number of user filtering profiles. Create separate lists of numbers and program actions (allow/block).

Access to the Call and SMS Filter settings can be password-protected. The device administrator sets the password when configuring the anti-virus account.

Don’t have a Dr.Web license yet? This can easily be fixed!

The following licenses include Android protection.

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