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The Security Auditor

Diagnoses and analyses a mobile device’s security and offers solutions to address security problems and vulnerabilities.

This feature is not available in the Dr.Web for Android Light license.

Detects applications with the highest SMS processing priority. Such applications can block Dr.Web Anti-theft’s operation and SMS filtering since all incoming messages and commands are processed first. In some cases, these applications are malicious and can pose a threat to a device’s security.

Detects hidden device administrators. Such applications are not included on the administrators list and cannot be removed using standard Android features. Such applications are very likely to be dangerous.

Detects vulnerabilities and system settings that affect device safety. By exploiting vulnerabilities, cybercriminals can inject program code into a number of applications without changing their cryptographic signatures. Once that happens, the application data can begin executing functions that pose a security risk to a device or gain access to confidential user data.

Don’t have a Dr.Web license yet? This can easily be fixed!

The following licenses include Android protection.

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