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New in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 Security Center for the entire company

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New technologies for protecting Windows workstations

New! SpIDer ML Anti-Script — uses machine learning to detect malicious JavaScript code

  • Thanks to new technology based on machine learning, Dr.Web SpIDer Guard can detect even more of the latest unknown malware programs in scripting language files, without having to wait for virus databases to be updated.
  • Detection rules, created by a machine-learning system based on the knowledge of what constitutes malicious code, allow Dr.Web SpIDer Guard to "predict" a program’s behaviour before its malicious content is launched and neutralise it.
  • The most complex mathematical algorithms of the machine-learning system allow new rules for detecting malicious programs to be created automatically — without the involvement of virus analysts and almost instantly.
  • Dr.Web incorporates many technologies that protect against the latest malicious programs without involving the use of virus databases. New technologies based on machine learning have taken the detection quality of such programs to an even higher level!
  • Thanks to this new technology, the Dr.Web virus database stores the minimum amount of information, and the detection quality only improves with the record-low number of false positives.

New! Protection technologies for a secure system load

  • Traditionally, the Dr.Web anti-virus detects malware everywhere, no matter where it tries to hide itself from the protection system.
  • Dr.Web was the first anti-virus to detect malware hidden in the BIOS.
  • The discovery of vulnerabilities in UEFI, which replaced the BIOS, has already drawn the attention of hackers to this system.
  • It was believed that the malicious code introduced in UEFI could not be detected with traditional anti-virus methods.

The new version resolves this problem — Dr.Web now detects malicious code in UEFI firmware from the moment of installation.

Even more reliable! Protection from the latest unknown threats

  • The Preventive Protection component has been given updated algorithms for analysing running processes, which has improved the quality of its malware analyses.
  • Enhanced OS protection, making malware infections even less likely.
  • Preventive Protection routines have been revamped for improved threat detection and neutralisation.
  • Even fewer false positives thanks to newly revamped Preventive Protection mechanisms.

Improved! Active infections cured

An important feature of the Dr.Web Anti-virus that always distinguishes it from other anti-viruses is its exceptional resistance and its ability to even be installed in an infected system. Dr.Web is traditionally used to cure infections missed by other security systems.

The new version of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 incorporates enhanced technologies to cure active infections.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 can be deployed in any network, including in cases when the malware involved is actively resisting this process.

Dr.Web security square

#Dr.Web: Dr.Web security square

The combination of a traditional signature virus database, non-signature technologies, and preventive protection technologies enables Dr.Web to combat any unknown malicious threats — WannaCry included!

More about Dr.Web technologies

All technologies

New features of Dr.Web for Windows remote control


The Firewall settings added to Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 have significantly improved the security of Windows PCs and file servers.

New! Centralised Firewall administration.

The new packet-filtering subsystem blocks malicious actions so you don’t have to fine-tune restrictions for each program you use.

Another new Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 component — the Network Port Monitor — lets system administrators control access to a device using settings for selected ports. Cybercriminals cannot gain access by using non-standard ports to bypass the protection system.

Office Control

New in version 11! Settings for different system users.

A special feature of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 is the revamped Office Control. Now network administrators can configure restrictions for all of the users who use the same device.

Device blocking

The new version significantly enhances the ability of system administrators to restrict access to a network of removable devices.

Now access rules can be centrally created not only by using device buses and classes separately, but also by combining them.

Traffic savings

All network hosts are updated simultaneously

The broadcast update mode in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 is enabled by default — now network stations do not have to receive updates separately using the bandwidth capabilities of a company’s network.

The broadcast update mode, the caching of updates and the anti-virus agent components, the caching of encrypted traffic, and the accumulation of the events transmitted by the Dr.Web Agents for their subsequent scheduled transfer to the Dr.Web Server — all of these features make it possible to use the new version of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11 in high-load virtual environments or low-quality bandwidth situations.

New! A proxy server that can be installed on protected workstations

The new Proxy-server version allows companies to save even more traffic.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Proxy-server can be installed on network machines with the help of the Dr.Web Agents.

The settings are now accessible via the Control Center.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite can be used even in networks that lack Internet access. In this case, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite can be updated as before using special utilities, and Dr.Web Proxy-server's cache can be updated manually, from the Dr.Web Server repository in particular.

New features for managing workstation groups

Group installer

Easy deployment on remote objects with a local network.

A single Dr.Web agent installation package is created for multiple stations within a group.

It is also downloaded a single time and can then be distributed to all the stations in a group, including remotely over the network.

Security policies

Integrated workstation security settings based on policies.

Policies can be managed within the anti-virus network.

Workstation permissions, workstation task scheduling, license keys, an update policy, the list of protection components to be installed and their configuration can all be managed.

Pre-installed and individualised policies.

Administrator convenience taken to a new level

New Dr.Web Control Center implementation

Dr.Web Control Center no longer uses Adobe Flash technology. An HTML5-based implementation has replaced it.

New "Favourites" section

Now the most frequently used services are always at an administrator's fingertips—in a special custom section of the Control Center's main menu.

Improved visuals

Redesigned tables and graphs.

More information

Statistics can be exported simultaneously for multiple items in the anti-virus network view.

Instant security control

The Dr.Web server log can be viewed in the Control Center in real time.

New capabilities to centrally administer Dr.Web products

Dr.Web for Microsoft Exchange Server’s settings can be changed and its statistics can be viewed via the Control Center.

New Control Center component

The Network Port Monitor component for Windows hosts.

A single Dr.Web utility download center

We’ve expanded the list of downloadable utilities, including the Dr.Web ESS mobile control center.

New remote utility for Dr.Web Server diagnostics

The utility can be used to remotely connect to the Dr.Web Server to perform basic tasks and view statistics.

New supported DBMS


And also:

  • A new routine for network scanning and remote agent installation.
  • More ways to centrally manage the anti-virus components on protected objects in the local network.
  • A new routine for collecting information about the hardware and applications installed on protected hosts.
  • A universal installation package format for UNIX Server.
  • The Yandex.Locator extension can be used to determine the location of Android devices.
  • Numerous enhancements and improvements in response to requests from our users.

Download the new version of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11


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