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New version Dr.Web 11.1 for Unix 28.02.2019 For mail servers / file servers /
UNIX Internet gateways and Linux workstations.
Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Complete security control
and easy administration

Lua and link libraries enhance Dr.Web solutions

In Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers and Dr.Web for Unix Internet gateways

  • In Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers, a malicious file's hash sum is used to detect zero-day threats.
  • Mail and Internet traffic are filtered with the help of the rules you specifically need — including through the use of external data and regular expressions.
  • The modern 64-bit engine detects all security threats.
  • The data in Dr.Web Cloud is used to identify threats that are unknown to the uploaded virus definitions.
  • Enhanced website filtering.

Usage scenarios

  • The use of hash sums of malicious and unwanted files in a mail-traffic filtering system

    Can be used in a system that uses FinCERT mailing lists or GosSOPKA centers

  • Message header modification depending on scan results
  • Working with external databases for storing detected threats and spam messages
  • The use of DNSxL/SURBL lists for mail traffic filtering
  • The use of files containing whitelists and blacklists of recipients for mail traffic filtering
  • Configuring firewall settings depending on the current date/time

Smart control console

  • The system can be controlled both from the web interface and via the command-line utility.
  • Parameters can be configured in the centralised control-system configuration area.
  • Individual settings for different operating system areas in Dr.Web for Unix servers.
  • Custom scanning only for data that interests you.
  • Real-time log control — only the data your company needs is displayed.

Maximum security without loss of comfort

  • Transit traffic scanning with Dr.Web for Unix Internet gateways.
  • Fast and secure remote file scanning — without transmitting your data.
  • Anti-virus scanning for external devices, using the telnet protocol.
  • Improved security of memory-based anti-virus components.
  • The use of the insecure TLS1.0/TLS1.1 protocols is rejected.
  • Quick updates — even on low bandwidth.
  • Caching of information about file scanning.

Other improvements

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux and Dr.Web for Unix Servers

  • Access the history of detected threats at any time. Information about them is now stored permanently.
  • New advanced security mode: data cannot be accessed while it is being scanned.

Dr.Web for Unix Internet gateways

The download speed is not lost even with a large number of users.

Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers

Mail scanning with an external filter connected to a mail server, a transparent proxy or an SMTP proxy. The external filter mode is available with all mail transfer agents.