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Dr.Web for Kerio Mail Servers

Anti-virus scan of messages and their attachments sent via SMTP and POP3

The anti-virus connects to the Kerio Mail Server and scans attached files and incoming and outgoing messages.


  • Perfect compatibility with Kerio mail servers tested by Kerio Technologies
  • Minimal message delivery time achieved through multi-thread scanning
  • Low system requirements and minimal use of local traffic
  • Flexible, user-friendly configuration system: customizable list of scanned objects and actions performed with detected viruses or suspicious files
  • Customizable actions for files that can't be scanned
  • Maintenance and configuration from Kerio mail server administration console

Enhanced security for corporate email

For maximum filtration quality, use Dr.Web SMTP proxy — a filter that processes email messages before they reach your mail server. When mail filtering is organised this way:

  • network security increases substantially;
  • the filtering quality is significantly improved due to the absence of any mail server restrictions;
  • the workload decreases for local mail servers and workstations;
  • the mail-filtering system’s overall stability improves.

The cost of an SMTP proxy license is only 10% of the cost of a Dr.Web MSS license.

Product datasheet (PDF)

Key features

Multi-thread anti-virus scan of attached files and of incoming and outgoing e-mails transferred via SMTP/POP3
Customizable actions performed with malicious programs of different types +
Customizable actions for files that can't be scanned +
Optimal configuration +
Maintenance and configuration using mail server administration console +
Quarantine +
Detection and removal of malicious objects
Scan of archived files at any nesting level +
Detection and neutralization of viruses disguised with unknown packers FLY-CODE
Scan of scripts including VB-Script, Java Script +
Identification of the type of a detected malicious program +
Detection and removal of the following types of malware:
  • worms
  • rootkits
  • file viruses
  • Trojans horses
  • bodiless and stealth-viruses
  • polymorphic viruses
  • macro-viruses and malicious programs infecting MS Office documents
  • script-viruses
  • spyware
  • adware
  • hacking tools
  • paid dialers
  • jokers
Heuristic analysis +
Additional non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing
Customizable logging verbosity +
Customizable log size +
Debug log +
Automatic updating of virus databases +
Free technical support +


  • Hard drive space: at least 350 MB
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (32- and 64-bit versions)
  • Mail server: Kerio MailServer 6.2 and later, Kerio Connect 7.0.0 or later.


  • Hard drive space: at least 290 МB
  • Operating system: Red Hat 9.0; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5; Fedora Core 7 / 8; SUSE Linux 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 11.0 and 11.1; CentOS Linux 5.2 and 5.3; Debian 5.0; Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
  • Mail server: Kerio MailServer 6.2 or later, Kerio Connect 7.0.0 or later.

Mac OS

  • Hard drive space: at least 55 МB
  • Operating system: macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard, macOS 10.5 Leopard, macOS 10.4 Tiger.
  • Mail server: Kerio MailServer 6.2 or later, Kerio Connect 7.0.0 or later.