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Privacy protection

Webcam and microphone control to prevent spying

Snooping and eavesdropping are popular spying tricks used not only to obtain information, but also to acquire illegal earnings. Recently, an increase has been witnessed in the number of attacks involving criminals gaining access to user cameras or microphones, recording audio and video, and then demanding a ransom to keep the attained information confidential. Users cannot tell when their cameras are being accessed (no light comes on), and it can happen even when users have locked their screens.

Dr.Web 12 for Windows will prevent such intrusions and protect your privacy by controlling webcams and microphones to block spying. You won't have to duct-tape your video cameras any longer :)

Computers must serve their users and not some invisible attacker.

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Read the Anti-virus Times columns "Spies are everywhere" and "Botology basics" to learn how cybercriminals try to steal money and spy on users with the help of malicious programs.