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Dr.Web Security Space (for Linux)

Protection from malicious programs, including those designed specifically for Linux



  • Reliable protection from all malicious programs, including those that haven't yet been analysed by Doctor Web.
  • High-speed anti-virus scanning.
  • Scans HTTP and mail traffic and controls access to websites and other Internet resources.
  • Protection from Windows-specific threats launched under Linux.
  • Remote scanning of systems on which the installation of an anti-virus is impossible.


  • Sparing use of system resources and low updating traffic make the Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux’s operation virtually invisible.
  • With asynchronous scanning, you can instantly perform any operation on any type of file.
  • Dr.Web for Linux will never freeze your machine during scanning—even if an error occurs.


  • The Anti-virus works concurrently and independently for each active account, with no additional configuration required.
  • Highly customisable.
  • Easy control.

Many people believe that:

  • Linux and its software are impregnable to infection due to its perfect design and open-source nature;
  • Malware can get on a machine only due to user carelessness and negligence.

This is a fallacy! And such attitudes lead to unprotected machines becoming uncontrollable and turning into safe havens for malware.

Learn more about threats for Linux


  • Constant monitoring of all objects at risk of infection—removable media, email, files and directories, including packaged and archived data.
  • Protects against unknown threats using the improved non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing™ and an intelligent heuristic analyzer.
  • With the unique FLY-CODE™ technology at its disposal, Dr.Web detects and removes malware disguised with unknown packers.
  • Neutralizes viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • Comprehensive databases for detecting spyware, riskware, adware, hack tools, and jokers.
  • The solution’s architecture has been specifically designed to reduce CPU load and memory consumption.
  • Install, configure and run the anti-virus via the command line.
  • File monitor is highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt its operation.
  • Multi-thread scanning significantly improves performance in multi-core systems.
  • Anti-virus scan modes include express, full and custom scan—the latter can be launched manually.
  • New! Scan running processes to neutralise active threats including Windows malware launched via Wine.
  • Different actions can be performed with different types of objects; cure, move to the quarantine, delete; action sequences allow you to define which action will be applied to an object if the first action can't be performed.
  • User-defined file and path exclusions.
  • New! Full HTTP/HTTPS traffic scanning and Internet access control.
  • New! Scanning of links directly from the browser.
  • The quarantine isolates infected files; quarantine storage time and maximum size can be specified.
  • Curing, restoring and removal of quarantined objects.
  • The anti-virus log contains time of each event, name of the scanned object and the type of action applied to the object.
  • Automatic (scheduled) and on-demand updating.
  • Apply configuration changes and add new key files on the fly.
  • Virus notifications, including event sounds, for all viral events.
  • The anti-virus modules are available as command prompt utilities which can be used independently.

Protection components

Operating system Linux

Blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.

HTTP monitor

Scans webpages in real time and blocks access to dangerous sites, such as those used for phishing attacks.


System requirements

  • Operating system: GNU/Linux with kernel 2.6.37 (and later) and glibc 2.13 (and later) The Intel/AMD (32/64-bit) and ARM64 platforms are supported.
  • At least 512 MB of free disk space.
  • Internet access: to register and receive updates.


Users of this product receive our gift—free protection for Android!
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