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Filtering Internet traffic (SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor)

  • New in version 11! Thanks to modernised Dr.Web Net filtering Service traffic interception routines, downloading files from the Internet has become much faster. The revamped routines for scanning media content make sure that online video and audio is streamed without delays. CPU usage for file transfers via browsers and download managers has decreased significantly. Fans of Dr.Web and online games will notice the difference in scanning speed!
  • New in version 11! New exception settings for faster scanning. For example, you can exclude:
    • Data transmitted via HTTPS;
    • Traffic generated by applications with valid digital signatures.
    The new settings will help prevent conflicts between Dr.Web and third-party applications during traffic filtering and yet maintain the desired security level.
  • The HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate scans incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic in real time, intercepts all HTTP connections, filters out data, blocks infected web pages in any browser, scans files in archives, and protects users from phishing sites and other dangerous web resources.
  • Safe Internet traffic— scanning on all ports is carried out on traffic transmitted via Dr.Web-supported protocols, including secure connections (if the user has enabled the option to scan SSL traffic).
  • Safe Internet Surfing — with secure search, Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing and Rambler will only return links to content considered safe by the search engines and Dr.Web. Dangerous sites will be excluded from search results altogether!
  • Secure Communication— Filtering traffic of instant messengers such as Mail.Ru Agent, ICQ, Jabber. Links that lead to malware and phishing sites are removed from messages. The anti-virus scans transmitted attachments. The transfer of potentially dangerous files is blocked.
  • Scan encrypted SSL traffic (HTTPS).
  • Block access to sites that distribute malicious or potentially dangerous programs, phishing sites, and sites that use social engineering techniques to trick visitors (more info).
  • Separate database of sites that distribute unlicensed content—protection of copyright holders.
  • Disable the scan of outgoing or incoming traffic and create a blacklist of applications whose HTTP traffic will be scanned no matter what (black list). Define applications whose traffic will not be scanned (white list).
  • Prioritize the traffic you want to scan (i.e., do a balance test). Balancing impacts both the way a PC’s CPU resources are distributed and the speed of the Internet.
  • SpIDer Gate operates independently from web browsers.
  • Filtering does not affect overall system performance, surfing speed, and traffic.
  • No configuration is required in the default mode; Dr.Web SpIDer Gate starts scanning right after installation.
  • Checking URLs on Doctor Web's servers via Dr.Web Cloud. As a user goes to a website, the respective URL is sent to Doctor Web to determine whether the site is safe to visit. The URL is examined in real time regardless of what the update settings are or how current the virus definitions on the user's computer are (more info).

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Protection components for OS X

Filtering Internet traffic (SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor)

  • Scanning of incoming HTTP traffic.
  • Protection against phishing.
  • Objects containing security threats can be blocked from transfer.
  • Internet access control and protection from objectionable content (violence, gambling, etc).

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