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Dr.Web Cloud

The cloud service for verifying the safety of specific URLs, processes, and files ensures that:

  • Devices can detect brand-new threats without having their virus databases updated
  • Scanning is effective even if a device’s virus databases are out of date
  • High-speed scanning
  • System resources are used sparingly because no queries are sent to the virus databases

No files or personal data gets transmitted from a device to the cloud.

Dr.Web Cloud is the key ingredient that makes the new version 12’s protection so effective.

  • In Parental Control and the SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor, all URLs opened by the user are first authenticated on Doctor Web's servers. URLs are examined instantly, in real time.
  • In the Preventive protection component, Dr.Web Cloud makes it possible for the latest threats to be detected. This includes exploits — including those whose details haven’t yet been received along with updates to the Behavioural Analyser’s rules!
  • Dr.Web Cloud is also involved in the scanning process . When Dr.Web Cloud is enabled, scanning takes place using the latest signatures and machine learning-powered technologies directly from Doctor Web’s servers. Due to the fact that Dr.Web Cloud analyses the object’s unique hash sum, and not the object itself, the verdict is made almost instantly.
    • For example, Dr.Web Process Heuristic analyses the behaviour of each running program by referring to Dr.Web Cloud and then uses that information to determine whether a program is dangerous; it then takes whatever measures are necessary to neutralise the threat.
    • By connecting to Dr.Web Cloud, Dr.Web routines based on machine learning process large volumes of data faster, and the permanent training of the system ensures even better preventive protection against brand-new threats (this technology provides enhanced security even if for some reason Dr.Web Cloud cannot be reached).

Want to know how to enable Dr.Web Cloud?

If you did not enable Dr.Web Cloud during installation or you disabled it at some later point, follow the instructions in User's Guide, Chapter 9.6 Dr.Web Cloud.