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Protection components for Windows

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Security for the entire family Control over Internet surfing and block access to dubious sites (Dr.Web Parental Control)

Secure Web traffic

  • Scanning traffic on all ports.
  • Check of URLs on Doctor Web's server regardless of update settings or how up-to-date virus databases on the user's computer are (more info).
  • Blocking of websites categorized into 12 thematic groups (adult content, violence, weapons, drugs, gambling, etc.).
  • Protection of children from exposure to objectionable content.
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Restricting access to a PC and the Internet

  • Limiting Internet and computer time.
  • Block any adjustments to the system time and time zone to prevent children from using the computer without their parents’ permission.
  • New in version 11! A new option lets parents specify the amount of time (30 minutes minimum) that their children can spend on the computer.
  • New in version 11! Automatically block access to a PC at night.
  • New in version 11! Time-limit profiles can also be created.

Block access to files and folders

  • Blocking of access to files, folders, or network drives, an additional measure to protect data from deletion or unauthorized access.
  • New in version 11! The access mode parameter (deny access or grant access in the read-only mode) offers more ways to configure access.


  • Parental Control lets you set profiles individually for each user.
  • Settings can be imported between user accounts.
  • The Parental Control can be disabled for a particular user account.

Parental Control video tutorial

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