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Dr.Web Anti-virus

Blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.

Real-time protection
(SpIDer Guard file monitor)

  • SpIDer Guard monitors system health in real time and intercepts "on the fly" all calls to files located on local drives, floppy discs, CD/DVD/ Blue-ray disks, flash drives, or smart cards.
  • The file monitor is highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt or halt its operation.
  • State-of-the-art technologies implemented in the Dr.Web anti-virus engine enable it to monitor the availability of system resources and control its “appetite”, while maintaining effective protection.
  • High performance on machines involved in intensive data stream processing (involving heavy use of file systems, downloading files via torrents, compiling and video rendering).

Efficient detection, cleans systems of all types of threats
(Dr.Web Scanner)

  • Virus scanning is faster than ever thanks to the enhanced Dr.Web Scanning Engine.
  • Fast multi-thread scanning powered by multi-core systems.
  • Thorough scanning of RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable data-storage devices, for viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • Detection of active virus threats only.
  • Comprehensive databases for detecting spyware, riskware, adware, hack tools, and jokers.
  • The Dr.Web Shield anti-rootkit used by the Scanner detects complex viruses that use rootkit technologies and are able to conceal themselves in an infected system.
  • The console scanner, intended for experienced users, enables the anti-virus to be run from the command line. It offers users a wide range of options and also utilises multi-core features.

High level of self-protection

Dr.Web is immune to any attempts by malicious programs to disrupt its operation. Dr.Web SelfPROtect is a unique anti-virus component that maintains anti-virus security.

  • Dr.Web SelfPROtect is implemented as a driver that operates at the lowest system level. It cannot be stopped or unloaded until a system is rebooted.
  • Dr.Web SelfPROtect restricts access to networks, files and folders, certain branches of the Windows Registry, and removable data-storage devices at the system driver level, and protects software from anti-viruses aiming to disrupt Dr.Web's operation.
  • Some anti-viruses modify the Windows kernel by intercepting interruptions, changing vector tables, using other undocumented features, etc. This may have a negative impact on the stability of a system and pave new ways for malicious programs to get into a system. At the same time, Dr.Web SelfPROtect maintains the security of the anti-virus and does not interfere with Windows kernel routines.
  • SelfPROtect can restore its modules automatically.

The new Dr.Web Hypervisor component

uses state-of-the art CPU capabilities to upgrade threat detection and neutralisation routines and to strengthen Dr.Web's self-protection capabilities. The component launches and runs beneath the operating system to maintain control over all programs, processes, and the operation of the OS. It makes sure no malware can gain control over a system protected by Dr.Web.

Dr.Web developers adopted this approach to overcome the limitations that exist for anti-viruses running on 64-bit platforms when an anti-virus has to operate on the layer used by malware.

The component is compatible with VirtualBox, VmWare, Hyper-V, and Parallels.

Real-time protection

Prevents viruses and malware from accessing a protected system and will cure any viruses that have already penetrated it.

  • No lags!

    The SpIDer Guard file monitor instantly scans all user-accessed files and controls programs and processes launched on Macs.

  • Everything's under control!

    The SpIDer Guard file monitor will check any file that a user wants to use,
    Do you know that cybercriminals can hide viruses even in a picture?

  • With SpIDer Guard, it's your choice!

    You decide the kind of access you need to different resources and what files and folders to exclude from scanning.

  • Are you afraid that hackers will disable your protection?

    Only users with Administrator permissions can disable SpIDer Guard.

  • Has a virus infected your file?

    SpIDer Guard strives to cure all infected files.

  • Don’t want to wait?

    With SpIDer Guard, it's your choice: you decide how long files will be scanned.

No configuration is required: SpIDer Guard starts protecting right after Dr.Web is installed.

The Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-viruses
Doctor Web has been developing anti-virus software since 1992
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Doctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992.

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