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Dr.Web for Internet Gateways Unix

Anti-virus scan of the HTTP and FTP traffic on a corporate Internet gateway — proxy-server


  • A wide range of options for establishing comprehensive protection from threats lurking in inbound Web traffic
  • Delivery of virus-free content into the protected network
  • Efficient filtering of traffic by the ICAP server doesn’t delay content delivery
  • Protection from penetration of the defence by any type of malware
  • High scalability
  • Ability to process huge amounts of data in real-time
  • Substantial reduction of Internet costs
  • Perfect compatibility – integration with any application supporting ICAP, with all known firewalls
  • Support of virtually all Unix-based operating systems currently in use
  • Low system requirements allow the product to run smoothly on any server hardware
  • Flexibility and easy administration; the product lets you implement protection configurations that are in compliance with your company’s security policies
  • Anti-virus scan of HTTP and FTP traffic
  • Centralized administration over the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center’s Web administrator
  • Filtering by host name, MIME type, or file size
  • Web resources access control
  • Preview technology for optimized traffic scanning
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6
  • Application of various actions to different types of scanned files
  • Isolation of infected files in the quarantine
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Centralized administration of protection servers and collection of reports from the servers
  • Simultaneous processing of several requests per individual connection
  • Protection from unauthorized access
  • Monitoring of the system’s operation and automatic restoration after a failure
  • User notifications about the presence of viruses and other malicious code in web pages
How it works

Supported OS

  • Linux distributions with kernel version 2.4.x and higher;
  • FreeBSD v.6.х and higher for Intel x86 and amd64 platforms;
  • Solaris v.10 for Intel x86 and amd64 platforms.

Any proxy server with the full support of ICAP such as:

  • Squid 3.0 or later
  • SafeSquid 3.0 or later