Improved in version 11!
Accelerated anti-virus scanning with the quality of the protection remaining the same.

  • The Dr.Web Net filtering Service has been overhauled.

    Thanks to modernised traffic interception routines, downloading files from the Internet has become much faster. The revamped routines for scanning media content make sure that online video and audio is streamed without delays.

    CPU usage for file transfers via browsers and download managers has decreased significantly.

    Fans of Dr.Web and online games will notice the difference!

  • Additional options for accelerating web filtering and email scanning

    New options for configing scan exceptions for the SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor and the SpIDer Mail monitor in Dr.Web 11 let users specify traffic scanning parameters and, thus, make scanning faster. For example, you can exclude:

    • Data transmitted via HTTPS;
    • Traffic generated by applications with valid digital signatures.

    Dr.Web Net filtering Service #drweb

    The new settings will help prevent conflicts between Dr.Web and third-party applications during traffic filtering and yet maintain the desired security level.

  • The optimised Dr.Web Scanning Engine checks objects for possible threats faster.