Improved in version 11!
Protection against spoofing attacks including man-in-the-middle attacks

Many malicious programs (including those collecting personal data, stealing money, etc.) conceal their presence in the attacked system in an effort to hide from the anti-virus and can try to intercept and/or modify anti-virus updates.

Dr.Web 11.0 for Windows updates its components and virus definitions via HTTPS.

Improved in version 11! Dr.Web is always up to date!

To reliably protect a system against malware, an anti-virus requires not only up-to-date virus definitions but also state-of-the art anti-virus software components. Unfortunately, the Windows OS is built in such a way that a system restart is required.

However, Dr.Web.11.0 for Windows boasts upgraded updating routines for the Dr.Web Control Service and SpIDer Agent for Windows components, so that they are updated instantly as soon as the update is downloaded, and a system reboot is not required.

Other important innovations in version 11

  • Simplified installation.


  • Simplified registration.
  • The anti-virus components and virus databases are updated via HTTPS.
  • Dr.Web Control Service and SpIDer Agent for Windows updating routines have been redesigned. They can now be updated without having to restart the system.