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Protection from network attacks (Dr.Web Firewall)

  • Protection against unauthorized access by a network; prevention of data leaks; blocking of suspicious connections on package and application layers.
  • The Dr.Web Firewall uses its own database of trusted applications. These are programs that incorporate a digital certificate. Applications that Dr.Web believes to be legitimate can connect to any address via any port. Exception: if a program is not digitally signed, its signature is invalid, or there is no signature at all, (e.g., those created by enthusiasts or open source programs), the user is prompted to create a rule.
  • The application layer connection control manages the ability of applications and processes to access network resources and registers access attempts in the applications log.
  • Packet-layer filtering makes it possible to control the connection to the Internet regardless of what application is using it. The packet-filter log stores information about packets sent over network interfaces.
  • In Game Mode, a rule dialogue window will appear above any application running in full-screen mode.
  • Real-time monitoring of application networking activities and forced disconnection of applications from the network, if necessary.