October 28, 2014

Dr.Web 10.0
for Windows:
Security and harmony

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released the tenth version of its Dr.Web for Windows software. This product is available under Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus licenses.

What's new in the tenth version of Dr.Web?

Dr.Web 10.0 for Windows harmoniously blends powerful security features with a sleek, modern and intuitive interface to offer powerful and cutting-edge protection against all kinds of Internet threats and astonishing ease of use. With Dr.Web 10.0, managing your security settings has never been easier!

As a result:

  • The anti-virus interface offers a radical redesign.

  • Settings are saved as soon as the user changes them. With only the most essential settings at hand, configuring the anti-virus is now completely trouble-free.

  • Necessary adjustments in the program's configuration can be made in just seconds.

The Dr.Web era of Efficiency, Relevance and Actuality that was heralded by the advent of version 9, is moving into an era of ultimate security and harmony thanks to Dr.Web 10.0.

Era of ultimate security and harmony thanks to Dr.Web 10.0

And, now we are actually going to show you what the new version looks like.

Data Loss Prevention with Dr.Web 10.0: protect your data from ransomware!

Ransomware programs, which convert data into unreadable files, are among the most urgent threats of our day. Dr.Web Security Space 10.0 comes with a simple solution to the problem of data security — the "Data Loss Prevention" feature.

  1. Make sure that you toggle on the preventive protection which protects your PC against threats yet unknown to Dr.Web. preventive protection

  2. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu to turn on ‘Data loss prevention’ and configure the parameters of the backup storage containing your important files. Data loss prevention

  3. Create a custom schedule to back up your valuable data. Set a desired backup interval.

And even if a Trojan gets to your files, you will be able to restore them on your own without requesting support from Doctor Web.

Please note that Doctor Web’s anti-virus laboratory and technical support engineers offer free decryption services only to users of commercial Dr.Web licenses.

With Dr.Web 10.0 Parental Control, protecting your loved ones has never been easier!

This Dr.Web security component can require configuration very frequently. That's why in version 10.0, Doctor Web paid special attention to improving its usability even further.

Toggle on/off the Parental Control in the mini-agent menu. - If you disable the component temporarily, the settings will be saved and applied automatically as soon as Parental Control is toggled on.

Customize settings for different accounts and manage them as you see fit.

If necessary, block access to files and folders — separately for each account.

Hardware—block all possible intrusion paths!

In the new ‘Devices’ section, you can disable video cameras, print jobs, removable media and network data transfers.

With the new mini-agent, you get a real Dr.Web 10.0 command center!

Now all the necessary information about the protection status, the virus databases, and your license is in plain sight!

Enable and disable several security components simultaneously

Switch between scanning modes…

Or start an update session right from the mini-agent window.

A single configuration window shows all the exceptions!

Add into this new single window any objects that should not be scanned by various Dr.Web components.

  • Websites you visit regularly;

  • Files and Folders;

  • Programs and Processes;

  • Email addresses for the anti-spam filter.

Access Dr.Web 10.0 tools in a single window!

All the auxiliary features of Dr.Web which are not related directly to system security are aggregated in the single window ‘Tools’.

The Anti-virus network in Dr.Web Security Space 10.0 provides the simplest way to control protection for all the computers in your household.

Manage quarantined objects easily: When necessary, restore objects to their original location or specify a desired path;

Access Doctor Web’s knowledge base and technical support with one click.

And there’s more!

Enhanced component configuration protection — changes can only be made in the mini-agent administrator mode regardless of the user’s current account.

All the parameters of a single component are now gathered in one tab (apart from exceptions).

Only the most essential settings are visible. Advanced settings are available in the corresponding menu section.

Fewer confirmation prompts appear when settings are adjusted. Settings are saved as soon as the user changes them. The ‘Save’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons are no longer needed—simply make your selection, and Dr.Web will memorize it instantly! You can switch to the default settings just as quickly.

Dr.Web for Windows 10.0’s state-of-the-art technologies let you live your life in harmony with the digital world!

New! Dr.Web 10.0

The ERA of harmony and security