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Dr.Web for Novell NetWare

Anti-virus protection of file servers

Dr.Web for Novell NetWare scans file storages run under NetWare for viruses. It demonstrates high performance combined with reliable detection of viruses where its speed and productivity are only limited by hardware capabilities. The program is launched on the protected server as a loadable module (NLM module) and is controlled from the server console or from a remote console launched on a workstation.

System requirements

  • Novell NetWare 4.11-6.5.


  • Widest range of supported versions of Novell Netware — from 4.11 up to 6.5
  • Support of NetWare namespace
  • Simultaneous support of several network protocols
  • High-speed scanning of huge amounts of data at minimum consumption of system resources both real-time and on demand
  • Manageable consumption of CPU resources by adjusting the priority of the scanning process
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Flexible client-oriented configuration of scanning and actions performed with detected viruses or suspicious files
  • User control panel

Key features

  • On-demand and scheduled scanning of server volumes
  • On-the-fly scanning of all files transferred via the server
  • Multi-thread scan
  • Automatic disconnection of workstations from the server if they become threat sources
  • On-demand scan
  • Scheduled scan
  • Scanning of files by format or using the list of extensions, directories, and volumes exceptions, scanning of all objects
  • Heuristic virus scan
  • Scan of packed, archived, and mail files
  • Scan logging; adjustable logging verbosity
  • Notifications upon detection of infected objects
  • Curing, and removal or moving of infected objects to the quarantine
  • Anti-virus administration from the server console or a remote console: configure the notification system, monitor protection, and optimize configurations
  • Instant notifications for the administrators and their groups over – mail
  • Customizable notifications
  • Scanning statistics displaying process operational time, number of scanned files, and information about detected viruses
  • Anti-virus actions log
  • Automatic updating of virus databases